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This website is dedicated to one of the best multiplayer games in the history of computer games, created by Ozark Softscape in 1983, namely by Dan Bunten, Bill Bunten, Jim Rushing, Alan Watson and Roy Glover.

The effort I spend on this website is my bow before Dan Bunten, honoring his vision of computer games being a means to bring people together instead of being a hobby for lonely geeks. That vision sounds commonplace? Keep in mind that Dan formulated that vision in 1982, which is almost a decade before the internet came by, or multi-player games came to be commonplace!

And now, have fun exploring the place; here are the quick links to this website's content, and for the rest you can use the menu bar on the left

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Site News
C64 M.U.L.E. theme song with Atari theme song's fourth voice
By: Goethe  on: Sat 22 of March, 2014 18:17 CET  (617 Reads)
General News
Fellow M.U.L.E. fan puzzud has taken the time to extend the C64 M.U.L.E. theme song with the "missing fourth voice" from the Atari version of the song. In 1983 this fourth voice couldn't be ported to the C64 due to technical constraints. Later on in the C64's life, it was discovered how to play more than three voices at once on the machine's sound chip. I would say now, the four-voice version of the C64 M.U.L.E. theme is the catchiest one of them all! Click on the link below to listen to it. :-)

C64 M.U.L.E. theme song with Atari harmony
M.U.L.E. Returns now available for Apple iPhone and iPad
By: Goethe  on: Mon 25 of Nov., 2013 10:58 CET  (3967 Reads)
General News
M.U.L.E. has returned! Finally, the 2013 reincarnation of our favourite game is available in Apple's iTunes store. I hope that all friends of Apple can enjoy this excellent gift to M.U.L.E.'s 30th anniversary.

Head over to the M.U.L.E. Returns website to get all the details:
M.U.L.E. Returns website

Or head over to the Apple store directly:
M.U.L.E. Returns at iTunes

Unfortunately, the World of M.U.L.E. does not own any Apple gimmicks :-) , so we have to wait for the Android version of the game - scheduled for 2014 - to write a review of the game.
Second Alpha Colony Kickstarter
By: Goethe  on: Sat 03 of Nov., 2012 12:00 CET  (29864 Reads)
General News
The "Alpha Colony" game project from DreamQuest Games has launched their second Kickstarter campaign (after the unsuccessful first one in July). Since July, much has changed: The game is not M.U.L.E. branded anymore, and the game design has moved away from being a close a resemblance to the original M.U.L.E., towards new ideas. For exmaple, M.U.L.E.'s "signature feature", the realtime-auctions, have changed significantly to accomodate potential non-realtime, turn-based gameplay. Nevertheless Alpha Colony may still be an interesting game for M.U.L.E. fans to have a look at and support, in addition to the M.U.L.E. Returns project from Comma 8 Studios.

Head over to the Alpha Colony website, the Alpha Colony Kickstarter, and judge for yourselves! Looking forward to hearing your comments (please use the Facebook page, as long as this website is undergoing re-construction work).
World of M.U.L.E. news - July 2012
By: Goethe  on: Sun 15 of July, 2012 18:55 CEST  (24402 Reads)
General News
Newsworthy bits and pieces in the World of M.U.L.E.:
  • Judging from the new logo you find on the main page, the World of M.U.L.E. is now officially endorsed by Ozark Softscape, which is the Bunten kid's project to preserve the legacy of Dan Bunten's games. Be sure to visit the Ozark Softscape site to hear about new projects (or buy a cool M.U.L.E. T-Shirt)!.
  • The MULE Returns project is coming along nicely. A first trailer of the game's gameplay has been released here on YouTube.
  • Today, the Alpha Colony Kickstarter ended, unfortunately not raising as much money as hoped. Even though 500k$ couldn't be raised, raising 100k$ is still cool and a nice feat. Anyway, the DreamQuest? team is gearing up to start a new Kickstarter in August, and is asking you for input on it's direction. Be sure to head over to the Alpha Colony survey to leave some feedback, and keep monitoring the Alpha Colony website for more news.

That's it for now. Happy MULE'ing, and if not, enjoy the summer at a beach of your choice!
Kickstarter campaign started: Alpha Colony & M.U.L.E. Returns
By: Goethe  on: Fri 15 of June, 2012 00:04 CEST  (4492 Reads)
General News
Today, the Kickstarter campaign has started to revive M.U.L.E. for a modern gaming audience. Spread the word and back the campaign if you like to see that happen! It would be a great tribute to the iconic 1983 Atari/C64 M.U.L.E. game for it's 30th anniversary next year.

Head on over to any of those links here to see the details:

Announcement on website
Kickstarter campaign direct link

Older News

For older "news", please check the "List articles" menu item on the left.

Copyright Notices

M.U.L.E., Electronic Arts, Ozark Softscape etc. etc. are all trademarks and/or copyrights of their respective owners.

This website is maintained by Goethe. The World of M.U.L.E. maintainer has no intention at all to infringe the above mentioned copyrights and/or trademarks. The sole purpose of this website is to keep alive the legacy of a great game and a great game designer from the 20th century, and to nurture and rekindle the associated community of people in the 21st century and beyond.

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lynnhock, 19:19 CET, Sun 11 of Dec., 2011: I was an assembly language programmer back in the early 80's and I was part of a 2 man team that programmed MULE for the IBM PC. Is the original game online somewhere
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