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Goethe posts: 25 4 stars Germany
I know a guy who can make ethier a perfect image of the game or needs be a cracked version IF you can lay your hand on the disk?

Erm... This is exactly what Jeff is offering as well. He is now also looking for Travis, as I started again earlier this year after you told me you know someone who can dump the disk. :)

Let's cross our fingers.


I did dig through my email archive. It turns out that another person (not Travis) contacted me as well, telling me that he owns a PCjr MULE disk! Alas, this was ALSO several years ago. But let's see if HIS email still works...


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Goethe, 12:40 CEST, Sun 21 of April, 2013: Woohoo - site cleanup completed, all spam pages & spam users removed! :-) But now what?!?...
Goethe, 15:52 CEST, Thu 31 of May, 2012: Things will change here soon... Site cleanup began! :)
ines_666, 19:06 CET, Wed 14 of March, 2012: Hi, I m new here. How can I start the game?
casinokid, 06:44 CET, Mon 27 of Feb., 2012: how do we start the game?
Goethe, 12:21 CET, Mon 09 of Jan., 2012: Hi Lynn, you've got email. :) Thanks for your info!
lynnhock, 19:19 CET, Sun 11 of Dec., 2011: I was an assembly language programmer back in the early 80's and I was part of a 2 man team that programmed MULE for the IBM PC. Is the original game online somewhere
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